School Calendar – You Asked, We Delivered

I have received a few complaints this winter about the fact that our school calendar, approved by the Board of Education and posted on our website, is not very user-friendly for students and parents.  After responding to a few of you and reviewing the calendar myself, I agreed with you and decided a change was necessary.  Our team at the district office worked on this last week and has updated our website to reflect the change.

Just so you know, the Board of Education is required to pass the school calendar annually based on recommendations from the calendar committee, a statutorily assigned group of folks who review the calendar and make sure that we are meeting the legislature’s and the district’s policies defining a full school year.  The calendar must include the starting and ending days for students and staff, the staff professional development days, student instructional days, any holidays or breaks and snow makeup days.  We are required to block out enough makeup days based on the most days we have missed in any one of the previous five school years.

The problem is that for many parents, certain holidays would say PL 1 or PD 3, meaning that kids were off school but staff had a scheduled plan day, professional development or training day scheduled for that day or to be traded for that day.  Parents were not sure if students were off or were still expected to attend school on those days.  The current staff and Board approved calendar looks like this and is not very user-friendly:

17-18 Staff Calendar

In an effort to make our school calendar more user-friendly for parents and students, we have created a new calendar, called the parent calendar, which better presents much of the same information but in an easier to understand format.  We are providing both a table calendar and a calendar list for your convenience.  Please see our changes here:

17-18 parent calendar- table view

17-18 parent calendar - list view

I would like to direct you to our district internet homepage where parents can easily access the current calendar and the approved calendar for next year.  Our new calendar is usually approved late in the fall of the preceeding year.  You can click on our quick links on the left side of the homepage or click on the drop-down box, called Calendars, at the top of the page.  This will bring up the staff and parent calendars for the current year and the approved calendar for next year (once it is approved by the Board).

Calendars on website

One final note.  In regards to the make up days, we will not update which days have to be made up on the parent calendar until the Board of Education acts on them, usually after the winter and the possibility of additional snow days have come to an end.  This will occur in the March or April meeting.  This is also the time when our graduation date is finalized.

Please let me know if you have any additional feedback.  Modifying and posting a user-friendly parent calendar was initiated and carried out as a result of your feedback. Please help us continue to provide better customer service by letting us know how and when we can better serve you, just like in this instance.  Let us know what you like, what you don’t like and how we can improve. This is part of our effort to include your voice to do “Whatever It Takes” for our students and the Campbell County School District!

Thank you and have a great week!


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